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Rami Andrei RODAN

Rami Andrei Rodan Aracne editrice

Was born in Romania and, at the age of seven, he immigrated to Israel. For over twenty-five years, Rami Andrei Rodan has been advancing a wide range of projects in the film industry as a producer, director, manager and creative artist. He is a graduate of the London International Film School, developed and directed the schools for Cinema and T.V. in the Jordan Valley Academy and Tel-Chi College. Throughout the years Mr. Rodan has been an active teacher and trainer in many educational and film industry institutes. He has worked for the leading Television net works in Israel, as well as for foreign Media such as BBC , ABC , RAI , ITV, as a producer and director.He has directed more then 50 films and theatre plays as well as numerous television programs. Some of Mr Rodan's films have been competing in international film and theatre festivals.As part of his Educational activities, Mr Rodan has written programs of media and film education, as well as study curric-ula for academic and technology courses at college level and university studies.In the recent years Mr. Rodan has been leading Video Ther-apy projects for and among traumatized civilian populations affected by terror, and for aiding people suffering form post traumatic combat disorders. During the wide range of his communication and Media activities, Mr. Rodan has been involved in various Israeli – Palestinian people-to-people peace projects. As a keen yachtsman, Mr. Rodan believes that the Sailing for Peace can and should be a major vehicle for advancing co-existence and peace-making encounters.His professional sailing experience includes: sailing as skipper in costal short distance voyages; sailing as a member of a yacht racing team, competing in the Israeli national championships; sailing professionally in Mediterranean long voyages.Mr Rodan has been working with post-trauma violence af-fected groups, sailing as skipper and instructor in therapeutic activity sessions.
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