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Valerie MEZA

Valerie Meza Aracne editrice

Was born in Guatemala City. She studied Psychology at the University Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala. She had different working experiences as a teacher, tutor, clinical psychologist and, later, started her experience in NGO sector, by working in the Regional Office of an international NGO. After 2 years of experience, she applied for a Master’s Degree scholarship, in Italy. In 2008, she left Guatemala to join a group of international students, in Florence, for the Master on Local Human Development, Culture of Peace and International Cooperation. A year more in Italy gave her the chance to study environment and to carry out two internships: at UNDP and at IFAD. Afterwards, she pursued a new adventure, by moving to the Netherlands and join the Aflatoun Secretariat. Since then, three years ago, her role has been to reinforce a network of partners, implementing social and financial education for children and youth in the Americas. She created partnership, collaboration, con-tributing to the topic of financial literacy in conferences, publications, visits. This Organization’s success, as well as hers, has been to trust and believe in children and youth em-powerment.
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