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Ana Filipovska Aracne editrice

Was born and raised in Macedonia. She looked for opportunities to live, work and study in diverse settings, around the globe. Her experience in India, Canada and in several countries in Europe has increased her commitment to human and economic development through social economy initiatives and international cooperation. She received Master in Human Development, Culture of Peace and International Cooperation, from the University of Florence, Faculty of Sciences of Education, in collaboration with the UNDP, UNOPS ART Universitas Programme, in Italy. Her recent achievements include: General Secretary at the Country Coordinating Mechanism, working on programs, supported by Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Trainer at Cosmo Innovative Centre, conducting training for SME in project management, leadership and change management. Received Rondine d’oro Award for successful peace education and work initiative, in realizing 8 projects with over 1500 participants in two years.Research Paper made in Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy, Montreal, Canada in Social Economy.Founder of the Association Lega delle Rondini d’oro, (Italy, May 2009) with peace activists from conflict regions (the Caucasus, Russia, Middle East, Balkan and Africa) with the objective to continue peace work in the Balkan Region.Since 2006, Country representative and trainer, International Synergy Group, International network for personal development trainings, based in the Netherlands.
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