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Silvia Capaccioli Aracne editrice

Senior Degree in Architecture for Preservation and Restoration of Historical and Architectural Heritage, and Master Degree in Human Development, Culture of Peace and International Cooperation, she lives and works in Florence, Italy. Her particular areas of expertise relate especially to architecture and historic, modern and spontaneous buildings in the Caribbean and Latin America. Both her thesis focused on architectural and structural restoration work on existing assets, needed to be integrated in international cooperation programs. Then, on behalf of Medina Association, she provided the coordination for a decentralized cooperation intervention (in partnership with the Regional Initiative Program 2009 of the Regione Toscana), both in Italy and in the Department of Chincha, Peru, strongly affected by the earthquake of 2007, that almost completely destroyed the built heritage. This complex project included: the creation of an institution, connected to the technical office of the local Municipality of Pueblo Nuevo, to assist, case by case, the local population in the design and structural recovery of their homes, damaged by the earthquake; the organization of seminars, district by quarter, to sensitize people on earthquake-resistant houses issues; and the construction of an adobe earthquake-resistant house-model, later donated to a direct beneficiary ("Reconstruir en adobe Chincha Alta, Peru: analisis, consideraciones y propuestas "), presented on several occasions. She currently works as a freelance architect, independently collaborating with well-known studies of Florentine architecture environment.
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