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Merav Bat-Gil Aracne editrice

Was born in Italy, Israeli nationality. She spent two years (2005-2007) in East Africa – Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Madagascar, observing, learning and promoting a dialogue and knowledge about this amazing, rich, fascinating part of the world. In 2006, she took on a four months long internship with the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the Genocide in Rwanda, in the Public Relations Section. After her Master studies, in 2008, she took on an internship with KIP International, analyzing and contributing to the Human Development Resource Net online library, contributing to the database of positive experiences in Africa, as well as promoting positive research of Africa. This internship was the basis of her thesis: “The African voice in the research of Africa” – questioning the agenda behind the research of Africa and its presentation as a negative, dangerous and violent continent. She joined the ASSAF's team in June 2010, as part of her personal concept of international migration and asylum, as a global phenomena, and as a moral obligation. She sees her position at ASSAF as a “support” position to the professionals and activists, whom are in personal daily con-tact with refugees and asylum seekers, to the social workers and programs coordinators, leaving them the opportunity to assist and support those in need, knowing that the management and bureaucratic issues are covered.
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