Serafina FILICE
Cosenza, 15/10/1955
Università della Calabria
Dipartimento di Lingue e Scienze dell’Educazione
Serafina Filice Aracne editrice

Research Assistant in English Language and Translation at the University of Calabria. Her research interests are mainly in the field of Languages for Specific Purposes, CLIL issues, plurilingual and intercultural aspects, self-assessment, language teaching and learning methodologies, and language acquisition. She has given international talks on various topics in Second Language Learning and Teaching and published numerous articles on language methodology, sociolinguistics and ESP. Some of her recent publications include: “CLIL Dimensions: Multi-skilling for the Global Age" (2012), “Integrated Learning for an Integrated World: Facing the Challenges of language education” (2012), “CLIL at the Tertiary Level: Producing Content and Language Using a Task-based Approach”(2012), “Activating CBI withinESP University Contexts” (2011), “Towards culturally relevant teaching” (2010). She has also co-authored and edited a book entitled “Science in the News: authentic readings in English for students of Science and Pharmacy” (2002), Rubbettino Editore, Italy.
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