Kimitaka KAGA
Todai – The University of Tokyo
Department of Medical Education
Kimitaka Kaga Aracne editrice

Kimitaka Kaga, MD, PhD. is a professor of National University of Health and Welfare in Japan, the emeritus director of National Institute of Sensory Organs in National Tokyo Medical Center and the emeritus professor of University of Tokyo. He graduated from the School of Medicine in the University of Tokyo. His academic specialty is otology, neurotology and audiology. His surgical specialty is otological surgery including cochlear implant, cosmetic and functional reconstruction for microtia and atresia, and tympanoplasty. His academic concern is central auditory processing auditory plasticity and vestibular failure and compensation in children. In 2009, he published three books from Springer: 1. Neuropathies of the Auditory and Vestibular Eighth Cranial Nerves., 2.Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential-Its Basics and Clinical Application., 3. Central Auditory Pathway Disorders. He is the former president of Otological Society of Japan and the committee chairman of sensory organs in research in Science Council in Japan. Now he works in two institutes of The International University of Health and Welfare and The National Institute of Sensory Organs in Tokyo.
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