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Beatrice GUSMANO
Agordo, 30/09/1980
Università degli Studi di Trento
Dipartimento di Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale
Centro Studi interdisciplinari di Genere

Beatrice Gusmano Aracne editrice

Beatrice Gusmano holds a PhD in Sociology and Social Research from the University of Trento; in 2009 she won the fifth edition of the “Maria Baiocchi” Award for best doctoral dissertation in LGBT studies. She is a member of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies at the University of Trento. She is also currently carrying out a research on workplace LGBT best practices. She has been involved in the following studies: the analysis of the construction/ management of sexual identity in the workplace: “Forms of Resistance to the Organization’s Symbolic Heteronormative Order” (in Examining Aspects of Sexualities and the Self, Oxford 2010), and “Coming Out or Not? How Non-Heterosexual People Manage their Sexual Identity at Work” (in Journal of Workplace Rights, 2008); local and European public policies aimed at combating discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity (“Queerying the public administration in Italy: local challenges to a national standstill”, with C. Bertone, Palgrave forthcoming), “Presentation and Replicability of LGBT Best Practices at Local Level” (in DisOrientation. Discrimination and Social Exclusion of LGBT People in Italy, Armando 2011); diversity management; gender education in training and educational contexts; illness narratives collected from parents with disabled children.
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