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Jeremy Robert Nicholas DAVEY
Londra, 08/08/1950
University of Dundee
Department of Philosophy
Jeremy Robert Nicholas Davey Aracne editrice

Nicholas Davey was educated at the Universities of York, Sussex and Tübingen. He has lectured at the City University London (I976–79), at the University of Manchester (I989–80), the University ofWales Institute Cardiff Institute (I981–I996) and is presently Professor of Philosophy and at the University of Dundee. His principal teaching and research interests are in aesthetics and hermeneutics. At the University of Wales and at the University of Dundee he established new graduate and post–graduate courses in art and philosophy and as Dean built the School of Humanities. He has published widely in the field of aesthetics and hermeneutic theory. His book, Unquiet Understanding, Gadamer and Philosophical Hermeneutics, (2006), is published with the State University Press of New York and his book Unfinished Worlds, Hermeneutucs, Aesthetics and Gadamer is now published with Edinburgh University Press. He is currently writing a monograph Unsettled Subjects concerning a philosophical defence of the Humanities.
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