Douglas HARPER
St. Paul, 27/01/1948
Duquesne University
Department of Sociology
Douglas Harper Aracne editrice

Douglas Harper is professor of sociology at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA). He has written seven books. His recent ethnography, The Italian Way, was co-authored by an Italian sociologist, Patrizia Faccioli, and his book Hong Kong: Migrant Lives, Landscapes and Journeys, was co-authored by British sociologist Caroline Knowles. His 2012 publication: Visual Sociology, is the first comprehensive analysis of visual sociology and his first book, Good Company: A Tramp Life, has been published in three editions, and is translated and published in France and Italy. His volume Changing Works: Visions of a Lost Agriculture, won the North Central Sociology Association’s Scholarly Achievement Award and the Collier Award from the Visual Anthropology Association.
Harper has also edited or co-edited four volumes, two published in Europe. His most recent edited collection (with sociologist Helene Lawson), The Cultural Study of Work, is the first book to summarize studies of work from the perspective of culture.
He has published more than ninety articles, reviews and editorials, and has been invited by more than eighty universities in the U.S. and abroad to lecture on various aspects of qualitative sociology.
Harper teaches in the area of visual sociology, social theory and global studies, and has been a guest professor at the University of Bologna on several occasions.
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