Calogero FERRARA
Palermo, 27/06/1970
Scuola Superiore della Magistratura
Struttura Territoriale di Palermo
Calogero Ferrara Aracne editrice

Calogero Ferrara has been working as Deputy Prosecutor at the Office of the Prosecutor in Palermo since 2000.Nowadays he is a member of the Antimafia District Department, the Specialized Group for smuggling and trafficking of human beings, the Special Department for terrorism, and of the Group for the judicial seizure and confiscation of criminal assets. He is also in charge of the coordination of the investigative tasks of all the Prosecutors working in the first two mentioned Groups.During his service he get used in dealing with preliminary investigations and prosecutions on organized crime (i.e. "Mafia-cases"), smuggling and trafficking of human beings, terrorism, drug trafficking, financial and economic crimes and environmental criminality, also representing the State in the cases before Trial Chambers and Jurors' Courts. He did develop strong analytical and organizational skills because of the difficulty in coordinating different people work on legal projects, especially concerning complex criminal investigations carried out by different Law Enforcement Agencies and in transnational crimes.He also worked as Trial Attorney for two years (from 2007 to 2009) at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, United Nation organ based in The Hague where he performed mainly in the case Prosecutor v. Seselj, an ultranationalist political leader charged of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide and in the case Prosecutor v. Karadzic, the Serbian-Bosnian leader indicted of genocide and crimes against humanity.Moreover he has a long experience as speaker in training courses and seminars for judges, prosecutors, jurists and Law Enforcement officers in Italy and abroad, appointed by different National and International Institutions (Italian Superior Council for Magistrates, European Union, European Training Judicial Network, International Organization for Migrants, University of Coventry, University of Palermo, University of Cambridge, Palermo Bar Association, Eupol, OSCE, Eurojust, Chinese National School for Prosecutors, Council of Europe, European Commission, and others).Finally, he has been repeatedly appointed as legal expert in numerous projects concerning international cooperation and exchange of information between judicial authorities and Law Enforcement Agencies.
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