Clovis, 06-02-1938
California State University Fresno
Department of Criminology
John Dussich Aracne editrice

His early specialties focused on prison administration, work release, youth adventure programs and media violence. In 1973 he began writing and studying in the new field of victimology, a result of having been mentored by Stephen Schafer, one of the pioneers in this emerging discipline. His specialties within victimology have centered on victim advocacy, program development, victimization studies, elderly victims, spouse abuse child abuse, the use of volunteers in victim assistance, non-reporting of sexual assault, and abuse of power.He created the victim advocate concept and established the first program in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1974. He is the founder of the National Organization for Victim Assistance which was launched in Fresno in 1976. Founding Secretary General of the World Society of Victimology which was launched in Munster, Germany in 1979. He was instrumental in the founding of the American Society of Victimology just launched in Kansas City, Kansas in January 2003. He served in the Military Police Corps of the US Army 29 years retiring in 1993 at the rank of Colonel. His major theoretical work was the creation of the Social Coping Model in 1982 which he has since used to explain the etiology of victimization as well as to explain the process of recovery. He is fluent in Italian, German, Spanish and also speaks Japanese. He has taught, conducted research and delivered victim services in Germany, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Israel, Japan, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Taiwan, India, Nepal and China. As a crisis intervener, he has responded to victims of crime since 1978, the Kobe earthquake in Japan 1995, the Bosnian post war crisis in 1996, the January San Salvador earthquake in El Salvador in 2001, the aftermath of the 9/11 attack on New York City in 2001, Indonesia-the Great Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami of 2004.
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