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Iasi, 06/03/1952

Welch Allyn Inc.
Ervin Goldfain Aracne editrice

Ervin Goldfain is a Senior Research and Development Scientist with Welch Allyn Inc., Advanced Technology and Sensor Group, located in Upstate New York State, United States of America. He has been granted 47 patents on various systems for biomedical optics applications and has published a large number of contributions in science journals with a total citation numbers of 411 and an H-index of 12. Several optical instruments based on his designs have been honored with prestigious Research and Development awards. In 2013 he has received the Distinguished Inventor of the Year Award from the Rochester Intellectual Property Law Association. His scientific interests include novel Photonics Technologies as well as Research in Theoretical High-Energy Physics (Quantum Field Theory, Nonlinear Science and Complexity Theory, Quantum Optics).
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