Huelva, 31/01/1952

Maria Casado Aracne editrice

Maria Casado, Director of the Bioethics and Law Observatory, Barcelona Science Park. Director of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics at the University of Barcelona. Member of the Spanish Bioethics Committee, of the Bioethics Committee of Catalonia and of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Bioethics. Professor in Legal, Moral and Political Philosophy at the University ofBarcelona. Coordinator of the Consolidated Research Group "Bioethics, Law and Society" of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Director and founder of the Master in Bioethics and Law taught at the University of Barcelona. Director of the research Bioethics and Law, doctoral program (EHEA) of the University of Barcelona. Coordinator of the teaching Bioethics Network (AECID), the Iberonetwork of the International Association of Bioethics (IAB), Network for Research in Teaching Bioethics (ALFA, European Union) and Thematic Network "Bioethics and Human Rights" of the Government of Catalonia. In november 2006 she received the Narcis Monturiol Medal by the Government of Catalonia because of her contribution to the scientific progress for her pioneering research in bioethics that, framed in the respect to the Human Right internationallyrecognized, starts from pluridisciplinary and secular approaches and is generally accepted in our societies.Research areasBioethics and Human Rights.Ethical, legal and social implications of biotechnology.Assisted reproduction.New genetic technologies.Nanotechnologies.
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