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Universität Vechta
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Norbert Lennartz Aracne editrice

Norbert Lennartz is professor of English literature and currently vice-principal for research at the University of Vechta. His teaching and research range from Shakespeare to Romanticism, from the Victorian Age to the early 20th century. Among his major publications are a book on the deconstruction of eroticism in 17th-century poetry (My Unwasht Muse: (De-)Konstruktionen der Erotik in der englischen Literatur (2009), a collection of essays on representations of food (The Pleasures and Horrors of Eating: The Cultural History of Eating in Anglophone Literature, 2010, co-edited with Marion Gymnich) and one on new bearings in Dickens Criticism (Dickens’s Signs, Readers Designs, 2012 with Francesca Orestano).
He is currently writing a book on porous bodies from Shakespeare to 21st-century pop culture and editing a collection of essays on Dickens and Intertextuality.
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