California State University East Bay
Philosophy Department
Vida Pavesich Aracne editrice

Publications: Science, Normativity, and Skill: Reviewing and Renewing the Anthropological Basis of Critical Theory, in «Philosophy and Social Criticism» (2011, with Lenny Moss); Rethinking Kant’s Third and Fourth Questions with Blumenberg and McCarthy, in «Thesis 11» (2011); Hans Blumenberg: Philosophical Anthropology, Terror, and the Faces of Absolutism, in Hans Blumenberg. Nuovi paradigmi d’analisi; Hans Blumenberg’s Philosophical Anthropology: After Heidegger and Cassirer, in «The Journal of the History of Philosophy», Summer 2008; Gender and Hans Blumenberg’s Theory of Myth, in «International Studies in Philosophy» (Summer 2000).
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