Hiroshima, 23/10/1955

Tosho Hosokawa Aracne editrice

Born in Hiroshima in 1955, Toshio Hosokawa is Japan’s preeminent living composer. His work includes more than 160 compositions for orchestra, solo concertos, chamber music, works for traditional Japanese instru-ments and operas. He has received numerous awards and prizes and has been a member of the Academy of Fine Arts Berlin since 2001 and a fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study in Berlin since 2006. He is the artis-tic director of the Takefu International Music Festival as well as artistic director of the Suntory Hall International Program for Music Composition. A great number of Toshio Hosokawa’s works received their premieres in 2013, including two world premieres at the Salzburg Festival and first performances at the Lucerne Festival at the Piano, Suntory Hall and Festival Musica Strasbourg.
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