Oklahoma, 09/04/1967
Loyola University Chicago
Anne Wingenter Aracne editrice

Anne Wingenter received her Ph.D. in History from Loyola University, Chicago in 2003. Her PhD thesis, a study of war mothers and widows in Fascist Italy, was awarded the Society of Italian Historical Studies’ dissertation prize for that year. In Rome since completing her doctorate, she has taught courses in the history of travel and modern Italian history for a number of study abroad programs. Her research interests include: gender and women's history; modern Italian history; the history and literature of travel; and, most recently, the history of imperialism. Recent publications include “The Crowd is a Woman: Re-Membering Italian Fascism” in Shifting Borders: Negotiating Spaces. Bordighera Press, 2006 and “Voices of Sacrifice: Letters to Mussolini and Ordinary Writing Under Fascism” in Ordinary Writing, Personal Narratives. Peter Lang (Forthcoming 2007). She is currently beginning a project that looks at issues of race in the writings of Italian travelers and colonists in Africa.
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