Truro, 14/05/1979
University College London
Department of English Language and Literature
Luke Seaber Aracne editrice

Luke Seaber has a BA in French and Arabic from the University of Oxford and a PhD in English from the University of Turin, and taught for eight years in various universities in Italy before moving to UCL in 2012 to become a Marie Curie Research Fellow in the English Department, where he worked on incognito social investigation in Britain over the last hundred and fifty years. He is the author of a book on G.K. Chesterton’s influence on George Orwell, as well as various articles and chapters on nineteenth- and twentieth century English literature. He is currently working on a book coming out of his Marie Curie research, as well as pursuing interests in literary road-walking and Gypsiologists, all of which gives him an excuse to go on long-distance hikes.
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