Horst F. WEDDE
Gelsenkirchen, 05/10/1940

Horst F. Wedde Aracne editrice

Horst F. Wedde received his M.S. (Diploma) degree in Pure Mathematics, in 1968, his Ph.D. in (Theoretical) Computer Science in 1974, both from the University of Bonn, Germany. He was with the German Federal Institute of Computer Science near Bonn (GMD), working in Carl Adam Petri's department as a senior staff member and project leader, 1969-end of 1983. During this time he was also a guest professor at various institutions such as the Polish Academy of Science (Warsaw, 1977, 1978, 1980), the Soviet Academy of Sciences (Moscow, 1983), the Universities of Napes (1978), Turin (1980), Pisa (1980, 1982), Milan (1979). From 1984 - end of 1993 he held a senior faculty position at Wayne State (Detroit) where he was also the Director of Wayne State's Information Technology Institute (ITI) from 1989 - 1993. By the end of 1993 Dr. Wedde accepted a full professor position at the University of Dortmund. Dr. Wedde's research interests and activities are broadly concerned with distributed systems, on al levels from Theory to Applications. Special attention has been given to Real-Time systems, Security, Formal Modeling and Analysis of large systems, Nature-Inspired Algorithms. Project work has been lately focused on collaborative efforts with Electrical Engineering and Logistics. Dr. Wedde has published 200+ refereed papers, book chapters etc. He has been actively involved in conference organization and on editorial boards. He is a member of IEEE, ACM, GI, Euromicro.
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