Toulouse, 10/02/1958

Annie Pauzié Aracne editrice

Dr. Annie Pauzié, is Research Director at Ifsttar (ex.INRETS)/LESCOT, she got her PhD in 1985 in “Ergonomics and neurosciences”, then Research assistant at University of California, Los Angeles. Since 1988, her research activities at INRETS are focused on ergonomics of in-vehicle systems based upon Human Centred Design approach. In this area, focus has been orientated on elderly’s functional abilities, with recommendations for the designers in order to set up systems and services adapted to the wider range of the potential systems' users. For 20 years, she has been involved in several European and national projects. Member of the coordination team of the virtual center of excellence HUMANIST, she is also involved in the european projects AIDE, Saferider & Safeway2school.She is an international expert, representing the French Ministry of Transport at the International Harmonised Research Activities -ITS working group and expert for the investigation about the European Statement of Principles in the eSafety Working Group on HMI.Research activities on design and safety evaluation of Information and Communication Technology based upon Human Centred Design approach. Member of the coordination team of the Network of Excellence HUMANIST and involved in the integrated project AIDE.
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