Praga, 22/04/1942
Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Transportation Sciences
Zdeněk Votruba Aracne editrice

Zdeněk Votruba, born in Prague, April 22, 1942, graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague in 1964. Carried out his postgraduate studies in Computer Research Institute, Prague (VÚMS) and at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University, Prague, respectively; PhD degree in Applied Physics received in 1975. In the seventies studied postgraduate course of applied mathematics at CTU in Prague and seminar on informatics and computer architectures at VÚMS. In the period of 1966-1993 worked with VÚMS as a researcher (1966-1976), scientist (1976-1983), director of technological dept. (1983-1990) and technical director respectively (1990-1993). Interested in measurement and instrumentation technologies, computer peripherals, HMI, in the research of thin magnetic films and Computer Systems. Involved in managing of the complex technological projects (e.g. bipolar gate arrays, testers). In 1990-1993 participated in the transformation of an “eastern-style“ Research Institute into the group of market-oriented private companies. In one of them, VUMS-EPOS was active in 1994 - 5 in the post of managing director. Involved in consultancy services, both for domestic (state administration) and international bodies. In 1996 joined Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences. In 2000 gained the scientific – pedagogical degree of Associate Professor in the scientific branch “Engineering Informatics”. In the period of 2000 – 2008 he was in the posts of the head of Dept. of Control and Telematics and vice – dean of Faculty. Since 2005 full professor of Engineering Informatics in Transportation and Telecommunication; Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sci. Reads Lectures in Systems Science and Electronics. Carries - out research in the fields of Systems Science, HMI, Telematics and Reliability.

Further activities:
In seventies: teaching in postgraduate courses at CTU in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering 1980-1990: Seminars, consultancy and research at the Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

Gold and Silver Felbercs Medals of CTU in Prague; Pernercs Medal of Jan Perner University in Pardubice Membership in professional communities / bodies:
Union of Czech and Slovak Mathematicians and Physicists;
Scientific Council of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences;
Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (membership finished);
Evaluating Committee of the Ministry of Transport, Czech Republic (membership finished);
Branch Council of Engineering Informatics CTU in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences;
Cybernetic Society of the Czech Republic.
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