Praga, 29/09/1930
Czech Technical University in Prague
Department of Control and Telematics
Mirko Novák Aracne editrice

Prof. Dr. Mirko Novak was born on September 29, 1930 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. In 1956 he joined the Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in Prague, where was the head of the Department of System Theory. In 1965 and 1966 he has been the visiting professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering of New York University. In 1975 he has founded a new Institute of Computer Science of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. He has been in the position of the director of this Institute for almost 15 years. Since 1965 he is the senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. and in 1988 he becomes the Corresponding member of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. His research interest is in last years oriented on the field of neural networks, mainly in the theory of sensitivity and tolerances of neural networks and of their applications for signal processing, time series prediction and system reliability improvement, especially as concerns the interaction with human subjects and transportation vehicles. He is also active in theoretical and experimental research in internal information systems of living bodies and of cells and in the field of the human subject – artificial, namely transportation system interaction reliability. He is one of creators of the methodology of prediction diagnostics and at present he is interested on its extension also on systems with significant uncertain parameters and structure components. Prof. Dr. Mirko Novák has written more than 170 research reports, about 120 scientific papers, has presented about 210 contributions on scientific conferences, colloquia and seminars and has published almost 30 scientific books in Czech, English and Russian, total - about 500 scientific presentations. In 1990 he has founded the scientific journal Neural Network World, in which he was till 2013 the Editor – in- Chief. At the end of 1994 he was one of the founders of the Joint Laboratory of System Reliability between the Czech Technical University, Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences and the Institute of Computer Science of the Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic. In 1999 he joined the activity of the workgroup for Neuroinformatics of the Global Science Forum OECD and took part in the preparing of the world research program in neuroinformatics. Since 2000 he is the full professor at the CTU, Faculty of Transportation sciences. He was to 2010 the chairman of the Czech National Node for Neuroinformatics and the Czech representative in INCF (International Neuroinformatic Coordination Facility) of GSF OECD.
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