Cacak, 30/08/1955
Institute of Transportation CIP Ltd
Development in Technical and Technological Sciences
Aleksandar Radosavljevic Aracne editrice

Aleksandar Radosavljevic is membership of the following Professional Associations: The Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia; Commission 9: Installations and Means of Electric Traction of Federal Institution for Standardization; Rolling Stock Working Group for Conventional Rail of European Association for Railway Interoperability.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Belgrade, University of Belgrade, 2002, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Diploma;
Yugoslav accreditation agency (JUAT), Yugoslavian Ministry for Development, Science and Environment, 2000, Course for Examiners for the Purposes of Accreditation of Technical Supervision Organisations, Diploma;
Adižes Institute, 1996, Change Management, Diploma;
Federal Institution of Standardization & AFNOR, 1996, Introduction of Quality System in the Field of Transport, Diploma;
Euroquality Belgrade, 1994, B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Diploma;
Railway Transport Enterprise "Beograd", 1983, Certificate of Completion of the Licence Exam for Executive Service, Diploma;
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Belgrade, University of Belgrade, 1980, B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Diploma.
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