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Murcia, 22/07/1974
Technical University of Cartagena
Postharvest & Refrigeration Group. Food Engineering Department
Francisco Artés Hernández Aracne editrice

Professore di ruolo del Dipartimento di Ingeniería de Alimentos y del Equipamiento Agrícola (ETSIA) dell’Università di Cartagena.
Le sue pubblicazioni più recenti: Formica-Oliveira A.C., Martínez-Hernández G.B., Aguayo E., Gómez P.A., Artés F., Artés-Hernández F. 2017. A functional smoothie from carrots with induced enhanced phenolic content. Food and Bioprocess Technology.10(3): 491-50; Castillejo N, Martínez-Hernández G.B., Gómez P.A., Artés F., Artés-Hernández F. 2016. Red fresh vegetables smoothies with extended shelf life as an innovative source of health-promoting compounds.Journal of Food Science and Technology.53(3): 1475-1486.
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