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Istanbul, 30/04/1963
Galatasaray University
Faculty of Law
Hakan Uzelturk Aracne editrice

Prof. Dr. Hakan Üzeltürk is Head of Tax Law Department at Galatasaray University Law Faculty (Istanbul-Turkey). He is also Head of Galatasaray University Tax Law Center. He received an LL.B. from Marmara University Law Faculty (1986), LL.M. from Marmara University Social Sciences Institute (Tax Law-1988) and Ph.D. from Edinburgh University Law Faculty (International Taxation-1997). He is member of the EATLP (and Academic Committee), IFA and IIPF. He has placed in various conferences, seminars and panel discussions in the field of Tax Law, International Tax Law, EC Tax Law, Taxpayers’ Rights (ECHR), Fiscal Law and Commercial Law since 1986 at various universities and countries. He is also advocate (member of Istanbul Bar), legal and financial adviser.
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