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Irbid, 08/05/1973
Yarmouk University
Department of Private Law
Lafi Daradkeh Aracne editrice

Lafi Daradkeh holds a PhD and LLM from Leeds University (UK), and LLM from University of Jordan, and an LLB from Yarmouk University (Jordan).After completing the doctorate in commercial law at University of Leeds, he began the academic career as an Assistant Professor in Commercial Law in 2005 at the Yarmouk University where he became Associate Professor of Commercial Law in 2010. He also has taught at other universities in Jordan. He is also practicing law as a lawyer and legal consultant. Earlier in his career, he served as a clerk in the Office of the First Instance Court in the Ministry of Justice in Jordan.His law practice, teaching and research have covered a wide range of areas including International Trade Law, insurance law, International investment Law, information technology law, Tax Law, and ADR. He has published many articles in leading law journals around the globe in many areas of Commercial law.
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