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Istrana, 25,11,1982
Minzu University of China
School of Ethnology and Sociology
Tommaso Previato Aracne editrice

Tommaso Previato collaborates with “Aracne Editrice” since September 2012, he serves as assistant editor for the academic journal “Ming Qing Studies” chief edited by Prof. Paolo Santangelo. After he gained his BA and MA in Chinese and comparative linguistics respectively at “Ca’ Foscari University of Venice” (October 2005) and “Capital Normal University” (June 2009) in Beijing, he jointly earned a PhD from “Sapienza University of Rome” and “Minzu University of China” in December 2012. Much of his academic interest lies in the Eurasian connections and center-periphery relations during pre-modern and early modern global history. His on-going research projects mostly fall in western China’s “Marginal Societies”, with closed attention paid to the formation and development of “Ethnic Corridors” as well as the process of ethnic hybridization undergone by border people in late imperial times.
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