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University of Tasmania
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Jeff Malpas Aracne editrice

Jeff Malpas is an Australian philosopher, currently Distinguished Professor at the University of Tasmania in Hobart, Tasmania. Known for his work across the analytic‚ and continental‚ traditions, Malpas has also been at the forefront of contemporary philosophical research on the concept of place. Malpas is also active in commenting on issues of contemporary ethics and politics in the Tasmanian and Australian media. He pubblished: Place and Experience: A Philosophical Topography (Cambridge University Press, 1999); Death and Philosophy, edited Jeff Malpas and Robert C. Solomon (London: Routledge, 1999); Gadamer's Century: Essays in Honor of Hans–Georg Gadamer, co–edited with Ulrich Arnswald and Jens Kertscher (MIT Press, 2002); Heidegger's Topology: Being, Place, World (MIT Press, 2007); Transcendental Heidegger, co–edited with Steven Galt Crowell (Stanford University Press, 2007); Perspectives on Human Dignity: A Conversation, co–edited with Norelle Lickiss (Springer, 2007). Consequences of Hermeneutics: Fifty Years after Truth and Method, co–edited with Santiago Zabala (Northwestern University Press, 2010).
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