Valeria EBOLI
Sapienza Università di Roma
Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche
Valeria Eboli Aracne editrice

Dr Valeria Eboli is a former Humanitarian and Refugee Law Expert with EUNAVFOR MED operation SOPHIA, the EU military operation aimed at disrupting the migrant smuggling and human trafficking business model in Southern Central Mediterranean. Before joining the operation, until 2015 and since 2004, she taught international law at the Italian Naval Academy of Livorno and the University of Pisa (Italy), where she also taught the International Law of the Sea, International Humanitarian law of Armed Conflict, and EU law. Dr Eboli holds an LLM in Law (University of Pisa, 1999) and an LLM in International Politics and Relations (University of Pisa, 2011) cum laude; a PhD. in International and European Union Law (University Sapienza, Rome, 2004). She passed the Bar examinations in 2002. She is a Selected Reserve Officer (Legal Advisor) since 2005. She is a consultant of the Institute of International Legal Studies of the National Research Council of Rome. Her research interests focus mainly on international law of the sea, human rights law, international humanitarian law, international terrorism, refugee law. Among the main research activities, she attended the Max Planck Institute for Public Comparative Law and International Law of Heidelberg (Germany), the Academic Fellowship Program of the FDD of Washington (2011) and participated in many research groups such as the UK-SAP Project on Nuclear Cooperation (British Academy) or the EU IMPACTS Project. She participated in several conferences as a speaker and gave lectures also at the Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkhar Law University of Chennai (India), the Gujarat National Law University in Gandhinaghar (India), the University of the West of England (UK), the University of Reading (UK), the University of Porto (PL), and others.
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