Ma’arra, 01/12/1960

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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Ahmad Khuddro Aracne editrice

Participated since 1996 in several many international conferences on Translation and the Media in Al-Saidi Unviersity, Tangiers – Morocco (1996 & 2000), Geneva University – Switzerland (1997), Roehamptom University, London (2004) & Durham University, Durham (2007) in the United Kingdom. Supervised artists/translators mainly for voice-overs for some 10 years in various fields including medical, cinema, pop-video, fashion, travel & tourism, and medical and health tv programmes. With regards to voice-overs, it is a skill which I have developed when I was at MBC tv from 1992 to 2002; Also written and produced a number of radio programmes. Practised paper translation for the past 25 years; And also doing simultaneous interpreting on a regular basis for Al-Jazeera tv channel for live political shows for the last four years, before that I did interpreting for Middle East Broadcasting Centre (satellite television Pan Arab station, based in London). My current position includes various tasks such as voice-over scripting, doing voice-overs as well as television production & tv reporting, in addition to proof-reading work.
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