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Reggio Calabria, 18/02/1978
Università degli Studi “Mediterranea” di Reggio Calabria
Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione, delle Infrastrutture e dell’Energia Sostenibile
Rosario Morello Aracne editrice

Rosario Morello was born in Reggio Calabria, Italy, in 1978. He received the M.Sc Degree (magna cum laude) in Electronic Engineering from the University “Mediterranea” of Reggio Calabria, Italy, in 2002. He was Tutor for the Course of at the same University in 2002/03. Since 2003 he is expert in the Electrical and Electronic Measurements subject at the University Mediterranea. He attended a Training Course at the University Federico II of Naples in 2003 receiving the Degree of “Expert of Metrological Laboratories” (project PON 2000‐2006 of European Union). He received the Ph.D. Degree in Electrical and Automation Engineering in 2006. Since 2003 until 2006 he attended the Italian PhD School “Italo Gorini” in the Electrical and Electronic Measurements subject. In 2008 he did research activity on “Advanced e‐learning techniques for the use of laboratory instrumentation” at the Consortium MESE, University Federico II of Naples. Since 2005 he has been Professor of the subjects Electrical and Electronic Measurements and Measurements for Industrial Automation and Production at the University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria. Since 2003 until 2006 he did research for the Project “Remote Didactic Laboratory distributed on Geographical Network” financed by European Union (project PON 2000‐2006) at the University Mediterranea. He was member of the Scientific Research Units of the following National Research Project: “Methodologies for the quality and reliability of environmental measurements” (PRIN 2002‐2004), “Metrological characterization of measurement systems for environmental monitoring” (PRIN 2004‐2006), “Optimization of metrological confirmation procedures of the measurement instrumentation in non‐sinusoidal system” (PRIN 2007‐2008), “Systems and methodologies for environmental monitoring” (PRIT 2004‐2005), “Characterization of a measurement system for environmental monitoring” (RdB 2003), “Smart web‐sensors for environmental monitoring” (RdB 2004), “Innovative decision‐making techniques for the comparison between measured values and specification limits” (RdB 2005), “Characterization and calibration of power meters in distorted system” (RdB 2006), “Development and characterization of a measurement system for the analysis of the hand‐arm exposure to vibrations” (RdB 2007). He did research activity in the Working Group “ICT technologies for the analysis and prevention of environmental risks” for the Project “Technological Laboratory of Engineering for Cultural buildings” 2006/2007 of the Technological District for Cultural Buildings financed by European Union (project PON 2000‐2006). His main research interests include the design and development of measurement system, methods for measurement system characterization, distributed architecture, wireless sensor network, electromagnetic field monitoring, electromagnetic compatibility measurement, decision‐making problems and measurement uncertainty, quality assurance, testing and diagnostic, calibration and estimation of reliability curve of instrumentation, biomedical applications and signal processing. He is co‐author in more than 40 papers on national and international journals and conference proceedings. He is a member of the Italian Group of Electrical and Electronic Measurements (GMEE) and of the IEEE Society.
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