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Biljana KAŠIC
University of Zadar
Biljana Kašic Aracne editrice

Biljana Kašić is a feminist theorist, peace and civil activist and researcher. She was born in Split and lives in Zagreb, Croatia. She has a Ph.D. in political sciences, even though her professional life is at the same time a meeting and crossing place of disciplinary areas (history, sociology, philosophy, art, political sciences). From 1977-1995 she worked as a research fellow at the Institute for Contemporary History in Zagreb; from 1995 to the present she has been a coordinator of the Centre for Women’s Studies – Zagreb.
Along with teaching at the Centre for Women’s Studies, she currently teaches at the University of Zadar (Department of Sociology, undergraduate program), the University of Rijeka / Philosophy Faculty (Department of Cultural Studies, undergraduate program) at the, and at the University of Zagreb / Faculty of Political Sciences (doctoral program).
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