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Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Filosofía I. Metafísica y Teoría del Conocimiento
Nuria Sànchez Madrid Aracne editrice

Nuria Sánchez Madrid is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University Complutense of Madrid, where she lectures on matters such as Philosophical Anthropology, Contemporary Philosophy, History of Philosophical Ideas and Italian Thought. She is executive secretary of the journals “Isegoría, Revista de Filosofía” and “Con-textos Kantianos”. She has published articles and critical notes about Kant’s political philosophy and anthropology in international journals such as “Daimon”, “Philosophica”, “Anales del Seminario de Historia de la Filosofía”, “Isegoría”, “Anuario filosófico”, “Pensamiento”, “Trans/Form/Ação”, “Studia Kantiana” and “Kant e-prints”, and contributed to several Congress Proceedings.
She has been Visiting Professor at the Universities of Marilia (UNESP, Brazil) and Pisa, and within the Erasmus Programme she lectured at the following Universities: Bogaziçi, Patras, Padova, Mainz, Paris IV and Marburg. She is member of the Research Group of the UCM, “Metaphysics, Critique and Politics” and external member of the CFUL (Lisbon), the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Oporto and the Research Group IRePH of the University of Paris Ouest.
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