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Helsinki, 15/07/1938
Institut Italien pour le Commerce Extérieur (ICE)
Conseil International des Monuments et des Sites (ICOMOS)
Jukka Jokilehto Aracne editrice

Jukka Ilmari JOKILEHTO, Dr., Prof. Architect-City Planner (Helsinki), DPhil (York, UK); Extraordinary Professor, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia; Honorary Visiting Professor, University of York, UK; Special Advisor to the Director-General of ICCROM.
Born in Helsinki, Finland, graduated in architecture and urban planning, the Polytechnic University of Helsinki (1966). ICCROM International Architectural Conservation Course (1971), as well as short courses in Spain and UK. Doctor in Philosophy, DPhil, at the University of York (1986). Has taught conservation history and theory, and the planning and management of the built heritage at the international courses of ICCROM, as well as at numerous universities, including the University of York, Polytechnic of Turin, University of Rome. Architectural practice in Finland (1960-1970), urban planning and design of residences, offices, schools and industrial buildings. Planning consultant to Mikkeli Municipality (1970). From 1998 till today, involved in the development of conservation master plans (e.g. Baku, Azerbaijan) and management plans (e.g. Bam, Iran; Mtskheta, Georgia), advisor on nomination to World Heritage List (China, Japan, India, Iran, Italy, Ireland, Norway, etc.). Numerous advisory missions on behalf of UNESCO, ICCROM and ICOMOS. From 1972 to 1998, responsible for Architectural and Urban Conservation. Representation and technical missions to Member States. Represented ICCROM at UNESCO, the World Heritage Committee, ICOMOS and Council of Europe. Retired from the position of Assistant Director General, in 1998. Member of the Finnish and Italian National Committees; Former President of International Training Committee, CIF, Member of International Committee on Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration. World Heritage Advisor to ICOMOS, 2000-2006, involved in the evaluation and presentation of new World Heritage nominations to the World Heritage Committee during seven years. Published over 200 monographs, papers and articles in conservation history and philosophy, the management of heritage properties, cultural landscapes, etc.. including: A History of Architectural Conservation (Butterworth-Heinemann, 1999); Management Guidelines for World Cultural Heritage Sites (with BM Feilden; ICCROM, 1993); The World Heritage List, Filling the Gaps – An Action Plan for the Future (with M. Petzet, H. Cleere, S. Denyer, ICOMOS, Monuments and Sites, XII, 2005); The World Heritage List: What is OUV? (ICOMOS, Monuments and Sites, XVI, 2008); ICCROM and the Conservation of Cultural Heritage: A History of the Organization’s first 50 Years, 1959-2009, ICCROM, Rome 2011.
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