Valerio Alberto MORABITO
Napoli, 15/12/1966
Università degli Studi “Mediterranea” di Reggio Calabria
Dipartimento di Architettura e Territorio (DArTe)
Department of Landscape Architecture – School of Design
Valerio Alberto Morabito Aracne editrice

Valerio Morabito is an architect with a PhD in Landscape architecture, where he explored the relationship between abstract art with forms and images of Landscape. He is adjunct Professor at University of Pennsylvania, where he teaches Studio Design and Representation of Landscape. He is also researcher at Università Mediterranea degli Studi di Reggio Calabria in Italy. He has participated in numerous conferences: among the most recent “Art and Landscape: an Holistic Ambiguity” in China. His drawings, design experiences, paintings and didactical experiences have been published in the chinese book “The Exented Representation of Landscape”, written by Shuping Xiang and Francesco Belligerante. He is founder of APs spin off Unirc, a research design center which works to explore a new idea of landscape as attitude and process. He is one of the components of the scientific committee of Topscape, international Italian Landscape Architecture magazine, where he publishes several articles. He participate to many different exhibitions and one of the last was “Composite Landscape” in Boston. He lectures in many different countries, such as China, Germany, France, United States, Spain and Morocco, where he taught at the Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture MAPAT in Rabat. He explored the rule of Landscape architecture and its scales, in many different projects in different parts of the world. In Morocco, as part of a team, he worked in three different Landscape Sstrategy: Region of Rabat, City of Meknes and Region of Kenitra’, dealing with diverse scale and social realities. Author of the books Landsketches, Paesaggio astratto and Landscape New York, he edited and translated seven lectures from John Dixon hunt: Sette Lezioni sul Paesaggio. he has participated as a professor and tutor in numerous international IP programs including “Lotus“, “Locus“, “Smangful” e changing Landscape. he is working about the new Intensive Program “Landscape Accessibility” as responsible.
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