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University of Queensland
Ann Black Aracne editrice

Ann Black is an Associate Professor and Reader at the TC Beirne School of Law, The University of Queensland, Australia. She is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Public International and Comparative Law and has been Director of the Post–Graduate Course Work Programs. She was admitted as a barrister–at–law [BA, B Soc Wk., LLB (hons), LLM, SJD] but has spent several decades as a legal academic, teaching and researching in the field of comparative law, in particular Islamic law, the law and legal systems of Asia and comparative criminal law. Books include Modern Perspectives on Islamic Law (N. Hosen & H. Esmaeili; 2013) and Law and Legal Institutions of Asia: traditions, adaptations and innovations (G. Bell; 2011). She assesses ways in which the Australian legal system accommodates Islamic laws and Muslim cultural practices which is reflected in a range of articles and book chapters, including “Adaptations of Islamic family law for the Australian Context” (2016) 30 AJFL; “Good and bad Sharia: Australia’s mixed response to Islamic law” (2011) UNSWLJ; “Could Singapore’s Legal Pluralism work in Australia?” (2012) JLegPl; & “Court ceremonies, ritual and symbolism: how Islamic law and English common law are conceptualised and apply to an unlawful killing” (2012) GLR. Recent chapters include “Islamic Exceptionalism” in Kolig and Voyce (eds), “Muslim Integration: Pluralism and Multiculturalism in Australia and New Zealand” (2016); “Can there be a compromise? Australia’s state of confusion regarding Shari’a family law” in Giunchi (ed) Muslim Family Law in the Western Courts (2013). She has been a visiting Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore and a visiting Professor at Marquette University, Wisconsin, USA; University of Western Ontario, Canada; Carlos III, Madrid, Spain; Murdoch University, Western Australia; and the University of Vienna, Austria.
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