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Carlo Andrea TASSINARI
Université de Toulouse II - Le Mirail
Département Philosophie
Carlo Andrea Tassinari Aracne editrice

Carlo Andrea Tassinari is a Ph.D. candidate in Semiotics at the University Toulouse 2 — Jean Jaurès, where he teaches Communication Studies and Semiotics. Between 2014 and 2016 he was a lecturer of Italian language and literature at the same university. Since 2015, he has been holding Semiotics seminars, organized by the research team of CeReS — Toulouse and Limoges. As secretary of the CAMS/O (Colloque Albi Médiations Sémiotiques/ Observatoire) he is part of the organizational committee of the Albi Symposium. In June 2015, he was invited as a guest lecturer to the Philosophy and Communications department at the University of Bologna. In 2016, he directed a workshop for the research team Il Laboratorio (Toulouse 2) on contemporary Italian literature. He has published articles and reviews in Canada (Communications) and in France (Nouveaux Actes Sémiotiques, Line@ editoriale).
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