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Monash University
Eric Wilson Aracne editrice

Eric Wilson is senior lecturer of public law at Monash University, Melbourne in Australia. He received a Doctorate in History from Cambridge University in 1991 and a Doctorate of Juridical Science from the University of Melbourne in 2005. His publications include The Savage Republic: De Indis of Hugo Grotius, Republicanism, and Dutch Hegemony in the Early Modern World System (c.1600–1619), published by Martinus Nijhoff in 2008. He is currently editing a series of volumes on critical criminology devoted to the relationships between covert government agency, organized crime, and extra–judicial forms of governance; the first volume in the series, Government of the Shadows: Parapolitics and Criminal Sovereignty, was published by Pluto Press in 2009. The second volume, The Dual State: Parapolitics, Carl Schmitt, and the National Security Complex, was released by Ashgate Publishing in November 2012. Another volume on parapolitics, The Spectacle of the False Flag: From JFK to Watergate was published by Punctum in 2015. His most recent monograph is The Republic of Cthulhu: Lovecraft, the Weird Tale, and Conspiracy Theory (Punctum, 2016). His research interests are radical criminology, critical jurisprudence and the application of the work of Rene Girard to Law and Literature.
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