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Terborg, 23/07/1960

European Water Stewardship - EWS
Tom Vereijken Aracne editrice

Tom Vereijken studied food technology and environmental technology. He worked for over 20 years with the Dutch water technology company Paques B.V. on design and performance of industrial wastewater treatment facilities. He is co–founder and previous Chairman of the “European Water Partnership” (www.ewp.eu), where he co–initiated a new European system to measure and verify progress in sustainable water management, called the European Water Stewardship (EWS). The system combines sustainability goals with economic progress. As a director of the Water Stewardship Academy he is dedicated to develop water stewardship as a main European Water Management tool (www.ews.info). Recently, Tom was invited to join the High Level Steering Group of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials of the European Commission, and he is also actively involved in the EIP on Water. Tom is full member of the “Club of Rome – EU Chapter” and co-edited the “Treatise on Water Science” (ISBN 13: 9780444531933). Tom Vereijken received executive MBA-degrees from Nyenrode Business University (NL) and the University of Rochester (NY) and was decorated by the University of Valencia. He is married and has two daughters.
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